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A right royal pair of influencers

B2B buyers are evolving. They’re going online to find the content and information they want, when they want it. This means that, for marketers like you, inbound is king. Especially now that new data laws have made it even more important for brands to create genuinely interesting content. So, if you’re looking to draw in readers, followers and one-day-buyers, influencer marketing could be a good fit.


A Planner’s POV: Content Marketing in 2018

With the new fiscal year comes new marketing budgets. Content marketing is likely to be one of your big line items, but what’s shaping content marketing at the moment and where should you be focusing your spend? Read the first in a point-of-view series from our Planner @mrktingbrighton on Content Marketing.


Brand Damage Control: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

These days, any brand with a social media account can tap out a ‘heartfelt’ apology when they mess up. But some brands have shown us that, with a pinch of clever marketing, it’s possible to turn a major fail into positive press.


Onboard with lead nurture

Done well, lead nurturing can improve lead generation efforts. Done badly? You might just be spamming your most engaged followers.


Research: The unsung hero of B2B marketing

Research. If it won an Oscar, it’d probably be best-supporting actor. In a rock band, it’d most likely be on drums. Or backing vocals. Research is never usually centre stage. We decided to change that.