Preaching what we practise

Sharing’s great. It sparks ideas so we all get better at what we do. Come to our Edge events and you’ll get the tips, insights and inspiration to sharpen your marketing.

Edge involves two things. Practical, relevant marketing chat. And breakfast.

It’s a fast, effective way to stay up to speed with the latest developments and share experiences with your fellow marketeers. You’ll be fed, inspired and back in the office by mid-morning.

Each Edge deals with a different issue. One of our experts leads the discussion – shining light on the complex or the new-fangled. But you’ll have plenty of chance to have your say too.

Because that’s what it’s all about. Putting our heads together to make our next campaigns our best ones yet.

Your cup of tea?*
Come along if you ply your trade in marketing, corporate comms, content marketing, social media or search.

Be our guest
Edge events are FREE and invitation-only. If you’d like to get involved, please register your interest in the event pages above.

*Coffee will also be served.