Lead nurture: Are You Spamming Your Warmest Prospects?

16th March 2017

8.45am coffee and pastry: 9am start – 10.30am

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Email nurture. So popular, yet often done so poorly.

Can proper nurturing be the key to releasing the hidden potential in your demand generation campaigns?

As marketers, we’re so keen to generate engagement, often we’re not prepared to deal with situations where the engagement doesn’t equate to a sale. Right there and then. The answer is nurturing, but so often we don’t nurture, we simply continue spamming our warm prospects.

Unfortunately, nurture has become yet another marketing buzz term. That means everyone wants it. Regardless if they have the resources, insight and content to do it properly. Nurturing done well can be the B2B marketer’s most effective weapon - but so often we simply turn those warm prospects off by sending ill-suited content and communications their way, when using insight to be relevant, compelling and timely matters most.

Join this breakfast discussion where we’ll cover topics like:

  • What is nurture? What is it for?
  • The difference between nurture and drip campaigns
  • What do I need to set up an effective nurture?
  • What content works at the different points of the buyer journey?
  • How does marketing automation help create optimised nurture?
  • How nurture campaigns can work for customer marketing as well as prospecting
  • What does best practice look like?


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