The B2B nirvana: the always-on campaign

08th June 2017

8.45am coffee and pastry: 9am start - 10am

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Gone are the days of the quarterly driven campaign.

Today’s buyers are doing things differently. They’re buying on their terms and we need to think differently about how we build campaigns to accompany them throughout their buying journey. Short term campaigns are out of sync with buyers… our demand generation campaigns need to be “always on.”

Often the data we hold about prospects doesn’t include details of their buying cycles or decision making stage. Because of this, our campaigns have to be able to engage with buyers on their terms and provide them with the required information and content in a timely fashion. Quarterly driven campaigns are great at achieving engagement spikes… but with spikes come troughs. What’s more… what happens to an early buying stage prospect when then campaign budgets run out?

The bottom line is that if our campaigns are shorter than the buying process, we can’t expect the consistent engagement needed for the meaningful conversation that will ultimately lead to a sale. We need to think differently.

Join this breakfast discussion where we’ll cover topics like:

  • What is an “always on” campaign and what would it look like?
  • What is the typical B2B buying journey?
  • What kind of content do I need (and how much of it?)
  • How do I budget for “always on” campaigns?
  • how do I balance the need for quick wins and the desire to be “always on”?


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