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Generated a 34.9% email open rate

The ask

Customers didn’t engage with GBG very often. That made it hard to keep them up to speed with what it did – let alone what it stood for. We had to find a way of making sure everyone knew the bits that mattered.

The answer

The INSIDE magazine is a fresh way for GBG to tell its story. It’s a quality print magazine that lets GBG tell its brand, product and service stories and turn them all into a good read. Filled with thought leadership and ‘behind-the-scenes’ sections, the magazines didn’t just position GBG as an industry leader. They told the world about what it had to offer.

The results

INSIDE magazines have:

  • delivered a healthy pipeline of marketing qualified leads
  • generated a peak email open rate of 34.9%
  • created an average dwell rate of 5:04m on its digital version

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