Getting the Citrix mobility campaign moving

195% of target pipeline, plus 36:1 ROI

The ask

Citrix had created a whole lot of content covering mobility. But for some reason, it just wasn’t creating the leads the company was hoping for. So, we got down to turning the Citrix mobile portfolio into a hero, aiming to build a solid sales pipeline across the UK & Nordics within three months.

The answer

Citrix decided to put the material into a “Total Mobility” hub. But with so much content to choose from, how would customers find the information they wanted? We simplified things by splitting the content into four themes. All they needed to do was choose their favourite theme and pick the information they wanted.

The results

The campaign delivered:

  • 36:1 marketing ROI
  • 195% of target pipeline
  • 1307 automation-qualified leads
  • standout for Citrix with IT professionals

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