Getting people racing to sell more

The ask

When the heat’s on, there’s one certain way to make sure sales soar. An exciting incentive. And nothing’s much hotter than Dubai. So, when Fujitsu wanted to catch its channel partners’ attention, it offered an all-inclusive pre-paid trip there as a reward for great performance. Next challenge: getting the programme to live up to the promise.

The answer

Success meant getting people pumped up about their race to Dubai. We created an interactive portal that looked good and caught the eye. That wasn’t all. A real-time leader board showed contestants how they stacked up against the rest. The portal also sent out regular updates on people’s points and the latest sales promotions.

The results

Dash to Dubai has:

  • proved to be easy to use and engage with
  • created an amazing uptake in the first three months
  • produced a spike in sales throughout the time the incentive ran

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