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The ask

Not many people will hop off early for National Frog Jumping Day. But there are plenty of other times absence can hit UK companies. ADP and Kronos wanted to prove that there weren’t any flies on their time and labour management. So they looked for something with stand out. And with a touch of humour.

The answer

We created a direct mail piece that people wouldn’t forget in a hurry; a tongue-in-cheek HR calendar. It identified the kind of holidays people might want to take. Some, people knew already (Good Friday). Others, were the truly bizarre (International Sloth Day, anyone?). Dates and excuses that only the truly desperate might try to get away with.

The results

The quirky DM:

  • took just seconds to make an impact
  • kept ADP and Kronos at the front of people’s minds all year round
  • engaged the target audience with humour, and insight into one of their major challenges

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