Beyond safe thinking

13,000 unique visits per month, 15.8% open-rates, 21 sales leads

The ask​

Security. It’s always been a big issue. And now, it’s the big issue. The trouble is, who do you partner with? Fujitsu wanted to prove that it was the answer.

The answer

Fujitsu had to show it knew security. So, it got its stakeholders and partners together. They helped us figure out how and when to get the market’s attention and change its perceptions. The answer was a thought-leadership campaign with a new Fujitsu security content marketing platform at its heart.

The results

The campaign generated:

  • 13,000 unique visits per month
  • 15.8% open-rates and 4% click-throughs from e-mails
  • 21 SS1 sales leads, nine analyst interviews, ten media stories. And a huge response from the target audiences
  • a new position for Fujitsu as an ICT security thought leader

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