A story about reaching millions of people with a limited budget

Reached over 32m consumers

The ask

Around 45% of us start to type before 9am every day. But loads of those early birds reckon their typing skills are average at best. Microsoft wanted to show a different kind of working life. One where the right keyboard made typing a whole lot more effective and comfortable.

The answer

A specially designed VW Camper Van whisked us away to 20 retail parks. There, shoppers tested out five Microsoft keyboards in the Great British Type Off. An app told them what Type they were, then offered a keyboard suggestion and a click-to-buy option. We’d chosen locations close to Curry’s/PC World, so the result was instant sales opportunities.

The results

The campaign:

  • provided ready-made stories for radio and social media
  • reached over 32 million consumers
  • sold lots of extra keyboards

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