Sleep Well Dream Big

187,000 campaign visits

The ask

Lack of security can be a nightmare. Every night, around the world, business owners wake up in a cold sweat – or worse still, spend sleepless nights tossing and turning. So when Microsoft asked us to create a launch campaign for Microsoft 365, we went straight to the reassuring fact that security is built into the platform.

The answer

With Microsoft 365, users can have peace of mind. The confidence they need to think big and achieve their ambitions. Or, as we put it in the campaign, they can: Sleep well + Dream big. After all, you can’t do great work without a good night’s sleep. We picked up that thought across a wide range of materials: e-books, infographics, e-mails and social posts, and others.

The results

In the first few months alone, the campaign had already delivered:

  • 187,000 campaign visits
  • 4,279 leads
  • 98% of target – within 75% of the campaign
  • a cost per click 3x more effective than planned

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