Let your differences unite you

Cost per clicks at just 25% of budgeted cost

The ask

Take a glance round your office. Chances are, like any modern workplace, it’s packed with different generations. Most people see that as an insurmountable challenge. Microsoft asked us to prove that theory wrong with a fully integrated campaign that promoted teamwork.

The answer

We decided that whoever you are: baby boomer or millennial, geek or technophobe, the differences between you and your fellow workers are a cause for celebration. Because, when you have the right devices, apps and spaces, your people’s individual differences become your team’s strengths. It was time to let Microsoft help everyone work better together.

The results

The Teamwork campaign has so far achieved:

  • 19,000 cases of high quality engagement
  • 4770 registrations
  • 2,899 new leads
  • cost per clicks at just 25% of the budgeted cost

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