Moving Hive shoppers to the point of sale

Customers stayed over a minute longer than they did with competitors’ displays

​The ask

We’d made sure Hive’s new human look and vibrant colours were all in place on packaging for 20 products. Now, it was time to catch people’s eye on the path to purchase. (You can find our packaging task here.)

​The answer

We created POS materials in the shape of CDUs and FDUs, with Hive’s TV ad playing on the larger units and touchpads. It was a chance for people to play and start to feel an emotional pull towards the brand. Four “Hive moments” showed how Hive products work together, freeing up time to do a bit more of the things you love. Finally, exit interviews showed we’d ticked all the right boxes.

​The results

  • striking POS materials caught the eye
  • people spent over a minute more with Hive than they did the competition
  • significantly increased retail sales

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