A US launch needn’t be a gamble

The ask

SIMBA wanted us to help them rest easy in their US launch. Showcasing and introducing SIMBA mattresses, pillows and products to US retailers was all set to happen at the Primo showroom in Las Vegas.

The answer

We needed to make the showroom space stand out and get retailers excited over choosing SIMBA.

We put together some amazing displays centred around:

  • a Simba trike which had a Simba box attached
  • bespoke product display plinths that came in different sizes to showcase all the Simba products
  • acrylic headboards that catch the light
  • a mattress explosion display board and a pillow box dispenser unit to create a finishing touch

The results

The Las Vegas showroom:

  • caused the client to ask us to put together a duplicate event in North Carolina
  • generated great feedback from the client and attendees

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